Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boredom Brewing

Yellow everybuhdeee

So! The last time I left off, I was still in Penang :O

Well, on Friday I went back and got to Sentral at around 1 ish where I met Shera. She wanted to go back to my place straight away because I got her presents and didn't wanna dump everything out of my suitcase just to look for it. Though, she actually thought doing that would be totally fine -.- Anyways, she had to deal with my wonky rollerbag that kept veering off and flipping around like some FISH. Seriously it's THAT retarded. After the KTM and taxi rides, we finally got to me humble abode...not. My housemate left a long letter about...random things. She concluded it with something like "The dustbin was taken over by maggots so I threw it away" How hilarious is that??! Ok, it's pretty creepy, but still a good laugh, eh? LOL.

After like SO MUCH pestering I gave Shera the prezzies from Mon and me (A recipe book just for spaghetti which looks really coolioz, hugeASS poster of Hayley Williams and drawings of us by MonMon). She was screaming insanely! Which was awesome but not so awesome for my ears =P

We were supposed to go out for lunch but we watched vids on youtube and looking at pictures of hot models ie. Eddie Klint =D

Anyways! We went to Sunway at like 430 for lunch. WAS STARVING and we went to Gasoline which is such a cute place! Tho, I heard from MonMon that the one in Penang sucksASS. Oh wellz! Then we walked around and lastly got me groceries before heading back.

Next day I went to Shera's and cooked lunch! Well, she cooked it cuz she wanted to learn the recipe and it was YUMMY. At around 3 i had to head back to my coll to catch the KTM to Sentral and then LRT to Kelana Jaya and then taxi to The Curve. LONG JOURNEY, i know. I was supposed to take this free shuttle from the station to Ikea. But after standing around for ages (10 minutes =P), I asked this girl and apparently it comes every hour -.- So we decided to take a taxi together. She was really friendly and we were just talking bout random stuff. Didn't catch her name tho. Lol. She insisted on paying for the taxi saying "Students have to save money!" Yeah, it was just 3 bucks for my share. Funny!

i met Fara at O Brien's for a sec cuz she works there. WOMAN IN BLACK! lol. Then I went to Borders and met Yna and Naza. Was just talkng to yna for a bit then we went to get me a coffee! I felt a headache coming on cuz i hadn't gotten my dose of caffiene for the day. then we caught a cab back to Yna's area to grab some dinner. I was supposed to sleepover at her place and wake up EARLY in the morning to catch the bus from Sentral to KLIA. But, somehow, we decided to just get there at night. So, we reached the airport at like midnight!

We sat in the departure lounge area where we could see airplanes landing/taking off. After a while (just as i lied down on the chairs so catch some sleep, they came in and said they were closing the place. WTF. So we walked to some other place where they had those chairs. I REALLY tried to sleep but by 3 I woke up with a MAJOR headache. I think I was sleeping in the wrong position or something. Well, I had to walk (like some zombie) to the 24 hour Airport shop or wtv to get some panadol. I downed it with some water and I felt completely disgusting. I wanted to lie down but my stomach was just too bloated or something I'm not sure. So I had to let it digest for like an hour before being able to sleep again till 6 when yna woke me up. I was thinking AHHHHH! Jan's coming in like an hour =D =D We met with Jan's cousin, Syahmi who's pretty entertaining. Lol. We waited at the arrival hall for an hour and a half before Jan finally came out! apparently her and a few others' suitcases got lost in Indonesia so they had to wait for it. LOL. Not fun huh?

I was practically jumping up and down and waving at her! I went and gave her the tightest hug. I'd missed her so much! We took a few pictures and talked a bit and she had to go with her group back to the hotel =[ Such a short while! Crazy. But, I was gonna see her again the next day before she left for Penang.

We headed back to Sentral and had breakfast before I went back home. I was COMPLETELY exhausted and took a nap till 3 ish and cleaned my room. All dusteh and blehhhh! After dinner and eventually unpacking me bag, I crashed. Had coll the next day and it was pretty much NOTHING. Lol. The lecturer was just briefing us on things to come and yeah. So I went to Sunway with Fara and Alif. Just wasted time a bit cuz I was supposed to meet Jan and all at the hotel at 3 anyways. But I found out that Jan had a really bad fever and was taken to the hospital where they diagnosed her with h1n1. =[ Was pretty scary. But she's alright now =D

On tuesday, I found out that I had to be quarantined till Monday which is uberly sucky! The health ppl came (three guys in masks) and it was just a weird situation. Lol. They gave me forms and random flu-related trinkets ie. gloves, masks, thermometer and blabla. I know, jealousy-inducing innit? Lol.

I felt like I was in JAIL! Exaggeration but still! What the hell was I supposed to do?

The sum of activities for the past four days

Cook, eat, watch 3 seasons of South Of Nowhere, go on Facebook, listen to music, dance around in the room, walk around the apartment, read, sleep and shower. Sometimes I would have sucha short attention span that I would sit and watch for ten minutes, go and read for 10 minutes and then listen to music for 10 minutes and it's just EVERYWHERE! lol. Such is life huh. Oh yeah, I forgot; taking my tempertaure twice a day and recording it in some paper. Pfffft. So far I've stayed at 36.9 degrees. It's SO exciting! I look forward to it everyday. HIGHLIGHT OF MY FRICKIN DAY. *gets slapped by imaginary hand* =[

So yeah, today I was talking to Jan and she was telling me that she's off quarantine. I WAS LIKE ZOMGWTFBBQ! So I called the health officer dude and he said all new cases of the flu don't have to be quarantined so I asked him I'm off then? E said No. Like wtf? According to their "policy" I still have to be which is bloody screwed up. So I pleaded with him for a while so that I could go back to coll on Monday and he gave in. MUAHAHAHAHA!

But, I'm still stuck here for the weekend though. GRR

So, that's about it for now. I have NO clue what I'm gonna do for the next... 36 hours. O.o

*hits head on wall*


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steamed Slug


Yeah. I have wanted to post something on several occasions. It goes:

--types one paragraph oh so excitedly--
--realises there really is too much to say--
--gets discouraged--
--walks away from lappie (which roughly translates to deleting everything and continues wasting time on Facebook. LOL)--

I obviously know where my priorities lie huh?

So, since i don't really remember much of what I did over the past....two months (I actually do but c'mon! Such a long list that my brain won't be able to function anymore. Yes, I'm special like that. LOL. I shall just jump to wherever.

On the last week of my term, our pastry chef, Chef Karam, wanted us to go see some demo by some chef from Singapore at the Hilton. Most of my classmates tried to get out of it cuz they thought it would suck or wtv so in the end only four of us went -.- Well, sucks for them cuz it was Emmanuel Stroobant! They had to cook dishes using raisins. The whole thing was pretty bizarre with a dancing raisin suddenly coming out helf way through. But anyways, Emannuel is actually really funny and cheeky when he's up there and i loved watching him. Though, i think only we were laughing at all his randomness while the rest of the people in the ball room just stared. Made me feel so idiotic! Oh wells =P He made a dessert with raisin and tomatoes and then raisin paste-stuffed salmon. during the break we all got to taste the food and it was...interesting. I felt the tomato thing was just really funky! Like, I didn't know what to say about it. Me and the rest of them were standing there, chewing, having weird expressions on our faces and just...continued chewing, swallowed and "Hmmm, it's kinda weirdddd" *stares blankly* Hahaha!

After that they had this woman come on to make different breads with the "help" of Emmanuel who basically made jokes and threw food around. Hilarious!

Few days later, on a Sunday, Me, Shera, Fara and her sister went on this road trip. 'Twas totally random actually but still fun! We went to KLIA to pick up the sister's boyfriend then headed for Melaka cuz their term was gonna start. After going round and round the place trying to look for a parking spot and walking for such a long time, we finally found ais kacang and rojak. Adding gula melaka to ais kacang seriously makes it the best tasting thing in the whole world! *meltsssss*

We only got back to KL at 10pm and I had so much fun and we took too many pictures but I had this majorly insane headache. I never felt that much pain and it's so sneaky. I'm walking along and the pain just hits me like a brick which makes me lose my balance. No kidding I felt like i was gonna faint.

The next day I had to catch the 10am bus back to Penang. I arrived at the KTM at 8 45 thinking i'd prolly reach the station at 9 30 or so and have half an hour to kill. Believe my frickin luck; the train got delayed. JOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I was so bloody pissed off. So yay, i missed my bus cuz I got there like 3 minutes after the bus left. Amazing, i know. Had to buy another fricking ticket and I felt like punching someone. Lol. Beware of my violent tendencies eh? =P

Anyways, I was in Penang for 3 days before I got to see anyone! Which was pretty depressing but yeah. I went out with Mon on the Friday=D It was so good seeing her again after so many months! Basically we just ate, talked, shopped around, bought Belle's prezzie and ate summore!

On Monday, Belle came over early in the morning and thank god she liked her present! =D We talked for hours and got really hungry and me mum took us to Gurney where we ate, talked summore, watched a movie, ate and talked even more. LOL. We had SO much to tell each other and i just had an awesome time. it was so nice seeing my friends again =) yehyeh, getting all touchyfeely *slaps self* Lol.

Mon came again on Wednesday. By bus! Wearing her uniform! I was amused *grins stupidlyy*
We watched He's just Not That Into You which wasn't as bad as people said it was! Really! Then she helped me cook dinner which was basically getting rid of all the vegetables that were abandoned in my fridge. After that we just spazzed out in my room. SERIOUSLY the most laughing I've ever done in my life. My stomach hurt so bad from it all! I donno why, we were just drawing random things on the paper and burst out laughing cuz we make some stupid remark about it. *sighhhhh* fun times =)))

On thursday I met up with Carene. FINALLLYYYY! I'd not seen her since January so it was really great hanging with her. OOH! We went to see Transformers 2 which i loved! Though, quite a lot of people hate it =/ Meh, who cares! She was CRAVING Fish and Chips so we went to Manhattan Fish Market, ordered and ended up only finishing half of it. I felt so bleughh. For some reason it felt like I was eating cream (not referring to the taste/texture or wtv just made me full so fast!) Freeeakeh

After getting home, I basiccally just lazed around till midnight even though I was supposed to get up at 7 the next tday to catch a flight to Langkawi and I stil hadn't packed =P My intelligence is just mind-blowing sometimes! Haha! In the end i onnly got four hours of sleep and felt like DEATH the next day.

So, when we got to the airport we immediately went for some coffee! That's when I found out about Michael Jackson. It was totally weird because for some reason you (maybe just me) think they'll just stick around forever. Was pretty sad tho =/ Not like I was so into him or anything, but it's just sad how everything turned out for him in the end.

Anyways, when we got to Langkawi and immediately went to get some choccies! Heeeee! Checked into our hotel at 12 ish and took a shuttle to our lil chalet in the jungly area. the place was just so cozy!!! We went for a nap before getting some lunch and basically lounging around the pool area. i was at the pool bar with my mum and I just had a margarita and some other drink and when we wanted to leave i felt pretty tipsy. & EXTREMELY sleepy. I got to the deck chair and went straight to sleep. We were supposed to return the towels and walking was just SUCH A CHORE. i felt like I was gonna fall. Lol. Back in the room I had LOTS of water and a huge mug of coffee before I felt back to normal. Lol. We were supposed to go to Oriental Village, which is just 10 minutes walk away, for dinner. The road going there was pretty dark and once we got to the place, it seemed deserted! When we asked the guy where the restaurant was, he pointed in some other direction so we got back on the road and continued walking. It was really creepy and I was sweating so much and we decided to just walk back to the hotel and have something there. 30 minutes of my life, wasted! lol

The next day we went back to Oriental Village in the afternoon because we wanted to ride the cable car but since it rained that morning, the hill was all mistyyy and some dude advised us not to go. in the end we went up anyway =P The view was basically non-existent but I still had a blast cuz we went trekking for a bit and got to this suspension bridge. It's so amazing how they actually built the whole thing because it's 700 metres high up!

At night we ate at this Thai restaurant which was situated out at sea. The name Pahn Thai is super lame but the ambience was really calming and serene. Even the food was good =]

The next day, we rented a car and drove to this area where they have all the yachts and there were quite a number of restaurants. WE ate some Italian food which wasn't up to much then headed off. We went to see the Burnt Rice Field which was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Such a joke. It's basically a patch of grass the size of my bed with black spots here and there which is apparently the 'burnt rice' Had a good laugh and then went to Underwater World. i only wanted to see the penguins but you had to get the full entry ticket. So me and my mum went ahead while my bro stayed back since he wasn't interested. The penguins were really cute! Other stuff was pretty ok too. Then we went to the Jetty area in Kuah and checked the place out for a bit before heading back.

We went to this Spanish restaurant, Ta[az, for dinner. The food was the BEST! We ordered quite a number of tapas (all of which tasted so bloody good) and some poached fish. Man, they should open a branch EVERYWHERE!!! We actua;;y came back the next day again for lunch =D

We spent our last day there just relaxing and we left for Penang the next day

WOOH! today Mon came over again and we just hung out, she helped me cook dinner! =] Then we just looked at random comics online and acted all dead. Mon loves her sleep. Seriously. lol
But I had fun and I'll be going back to KL on Friday! My Term 2 starts on Monday. But before that I'll be seeing JANINA RAMLI! Can't believe she's finally coming back cuz I've missed her insanely. Tho I can only meet her for 15 minutes at the airport it'd be worth it!

For now, my elbows are hurting!

*looks at broken elbows strewn on the floor*


I just realised this blogger thingy keeps on saving my blog like every other second! Well, not really but hello! Overkill. Lol

*throws slug at you*

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dancing Tissues

Hey all, I am once again blogging from the train station. Okay, it’s not really a train station, it’s KL Sentral. Which is just a… transportation quarters? LOL! I know, I am extremely amusing to myself right now -.- I am sipping on ice lemon tea. Normal people SIP coffee/tea. I, on the other hand, sip iced tea. Like, doesn’t that just go against EVERYTHING?! No? Yeah? Ok. I realize that I’m bloodyASS bored here =D Let’s all grin like that. C’mon people, GRIN! =D

Pffft. Life is sad sometimes, you know. Things happen, you feel depressed, and the next thing you know, DEATH! KAboom. Yeah, I WAS thinking of leaving this place a la explosion. Leave my mark, man! Literally =P

ANYWAYS, what I really wanted to write about was what I’ve been up to! Which, if you think about it, is what a blog is supposed to be for O.o *imagines people staring blankly at my lame attempt at entertainment* Oh wells, so college has been REALLY great. I’m loving it! (Just like you love McDonald’s :O) First day of orientation was a bit of a sucky day. Didn’t know anyone and was kinda bored actually. But I made some friends after awhile. I met my now friend, Jirwan. Then he introduced me to KelVin, Esther and Sarah and I was like yay, I know new people! LOL. They like to play pool and Esther and I don’t play really. I suck so bad. Since we go to Asia Café quite frequently I’m FORCED to play. I guess I’m slightly better? O.o Haha.

Last last week we got our injections for typhoid--which made my arm feel funny-- and collected our uniforms. Have the chef get up as well as the whole knife set =D. SUPERASS sharp it’s insane. I cut myself TWICE already; yesterday and the day before. GRRR! Speaking of which, I love my practical classes! Especially Pastry and Kitchen Prac. For kitchen we’ve learned the different names for the types of cutting (there are too many!), how to turn potatoes, and yesterday we cooked some sautéed veg and a tomato fondue. Me and jirwan were in a team. So all the groups had to place their dishes on the table and the teacher wrote comments. I was so happy ours was good! Only bad one was: too many onions. But I love onions!(we ate it up =P)

Pastry class has been TOTALLY awesome. Chef Karam got his training in UK and worked in Canada for 25 years. Such a long time and he’s so experienced! Our first class and he already put us to work, which I love. At least he doesn’t baby us but actually trust us to produce something. We made cream caramel (just the perfect consistency, sweetness and colour! *sighhh*) and scones (Chef Karam claims his is the best in Malaysia. Agreed =D). Yesterday we made Butter Muffins (was supposed to be a cake but decided on muffins) which were light but tasted so GOODD. Because our class is the last on the schedule, he extends it and let’s us make EXTRA stuff. He made some chocolate mousse and I nearly died when I tried it. ORAGASMIC. Lol.

Restaurant Prac is quite interesting too, but not really my thing =P With the waitressing uniform and all. We have to learn about setting tables, the million different cutleries and crockery and 40+ different beverage glasses. Lol.

So far, theory classes are just ok. Staring at slides…. *sleep* =) Kidding! Just saying I’m GLAD there’s only 2 hours a week of it. Plus IT Class makes it 4.

College life is pretty different. Ok, totally different. Lol. I guess I feel it more cuz I’ve moved to KL? I donno. But, living with Ira, just the two of us is awesome (in terms of not sharing my room =P). I’ve gotten into the routine of it all. You know, cooking, washing clothes, keeping the place tidy, walking back from college and just go anywhere if I want (which I don’t because traffic here’s a bitch. I mostly travel to do my grocery shopping. Lol). I miss home though. –end of melancholy moment—

Oh yeah, on Monday I met up with Laura at Midvalley. It’s been a long time since I saw her so it was really fun =) We walked over to The Garden’s cuz there was an art shop there she wanted to check out. I was seriously amused with all the supplies they had there! I can stay there for hours, really. Then I went to FOS cuz Shera said they sell lots of Junk food shirts! But the stock for that week wasn’t that great so I didn’t get anything =/. I guess I have all year to buy one huh? LOL.

Right now, I’m not at KL Sentral anymore but at the Old KTM station. Yeah, I’m hoppin' about *stares at pogo stick*. I couldn’t catch the 12 o clock bus from Sentral because nobody checked in there which sucks, but I guess an extra two hour wait isn’t too bad.. NOT! I wanna get back to Penang now! All my precious time! Must not sleep at all… Argggg *morphs into Zombie* :O What a surprise that would be for my friends eh? hoho

Ooh, they just served me coffee. Aww, I feel the love *grins like an idiot* How sad am I huh?

Hmmm, seems my old school is having some “FIESTA” woahhhhh. Like WHOAAHHHH. I’m so excited. WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. *gets slapped with a brick* =P I guess I should ‘give it the benefit of the doubt’ blablabla. I’ll just keep low expectations then everyone will be happy. =)….. =|….=/…

Gosh, depressing. Well, Imma get off now. I can’t even post this as there is NO connection & for some reason none of my sms’ can be sent o.O. TOTAL assification. Meh.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Of Falling Olives and Rising Cheeses

Well, this is it! The oh so anticipated blog entry that absolutely EVERYONE has been waiting for! Haven’t you seen the ads out in the newspapers?? *calls up the advert guy* Zomg, they forgot the ads! Oh wells, not my fault whatsoever.

*crowd whispers loudly: Suuureeeeeee*

Meh, fine. I’ve just been busy/lazy/uninspired. Yeap, in that order too. Lol. Right now I’m sitting in my new room in KL which is internetless! So, I have no clue what my previous post was about. I know, when I finally post this, I would have internet, therefore I would find out what the blog was about, leading me to edit this part out. Well, this isn’t a perfect world, is it now? Yeah, life sucks that way sometimes. –end of ASS moment-- I’ll just tell you bout the stuff I DO remember this year.

First of all, I finally got my license to kill, ie. Drive. Haha! Aren’t you scared already? It’s just a ploy to get you to stay away from my precious car. The glamorous and extravagant……*drum rolls* Datsun 120Y. It’s 30 years old and is traditional manual, baby! ZOMG, at first I hated being on the road since I didn’t have enough experience and my car was swerving everywhere! Fun times, I know. Though, after a while everything was good… except my parking still stinks =P.

With my license, I had to get a job! So I started work at the E&O Hotel. I was lucky to even get the interview. My Dad had the connections actually. Lol. Nothing to do with my charming personality, sadly. HAHAHA! The Exec Chef said I could work there but without pay and I didn’t mind at all because the experience would be amazing! My whole time there was AWESOMEEEE. Got to work the Sarkie’s Kitchen & they let me cook instead of just chop onions all day. Lol. Then went into the Cold Kitchen where they prepare the salads, fruits and sushi stuff. Then was into Pastry Kitchen with the ZOMGBBQTHEYUMMIESTDESSERTS. Made some tarts, cheesecake and some custardy thingy. I spent the last week in the 1885 which is a fine-dining restaurant there. During that month I put on some weight! Scandalous, I know. There’s all this food around me, it’s hard not to =P I would go into the chillers, especially the Pastry Chiller, I would grab some brownie or cheesecake or chocolate mousse or ANYTHING. And sometimes, when I’m working the evening shift and the dinner buffet is over, they would cook stuff for me! =D

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot we received our SPM Results. Such a joyous occasion, really -.- All that anticipation, jumping up and down, and finally they gave it out (a gazillion years late I might add). I immediately wanted to go and apply for scholarship but the bloody teacher took my result slip away from me! ALL BECAUSE OF A LOUSYASS UNRETURNED PJ TEXTBOOK. I had lost mine ages ago and I didn’t know they were gonna pull this crap on me. Seriously. Asses. After much begging, I ended up driving (extremely pissed off) to the nearest bookstore to buy that useless excuse for a book that will never ever be appreciated by ANYONE. I handed it over when I got back to school and snatched my results from the teacher’s hands. Okay, what really happened was I smiled sweetly and thanked them so much. PFFFFT. Must be at the top of my fake smiles list. Mmmhmmm, I have a list! Can you believe it? Yeah, neither can I! Lol. Well, once I calmed down I drove my retards (Mon&Mei) to the College office then headed to Gurney to celebrate! We ate loadsa desserts; Happy food!

Anyways, work finished in the middle of March cuz I had to prepare to go to college. I went down to check out the apartments under Taylor’s and got so depressed! The place was REALLY bad. We had to share with 6 other people on top of that. Luckily my old classmate called me before that and said she could share her apartment with me. AHHH, it was so amazing compared to the other one! So, it’ll just be the two of us until we find 2 more tenants.

I spent my last week in Penang hanging out with everyone besides packing/doing last minute things. Me and MonMon went to stay at the Copthorne Hotel. On the way, Mon was pestering me (kidding =P) to go to Shenanigans to have their Apple Crumble. It was SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!

*starts dreaming about giant apple crumble*

*grins happily*

We checked into the hotel and the woman was giving us directions just to get to our rooms. ZOMG, very retarded. When we FINALLY got the our room, we ate ( Mon brought some Cheese Chiffon Cake. Never knew there was such a thing), played games, laughed at stupid drawings (we were playing guess the sketch. Lol), and took lots of pictures =D. At night we went to Ingolf’s for dinner. YUMMMMMY FOOOODDD. We enjoyed it so muchoooo.

Aww, Mon Mon!

Lighting in the toilet was better. LOL!

It was around 10 when we got back to the hotel and we were supposed to have this movie marathon until some ungodly hour in the morning. We started off with Forrest Gump. Gosh, that movie is just one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve watched! I could watch it again and again. After that, we saw Finding Neverland. Half way through, Mon was falling asleep -.- PFFFT. So much for that =P

In the morning we went down for their breakfast and totally stuffed ourselves. i was so extremely full, I couldn't move! Their omelet is really good though! When I discovered I COULD move, we went back up to finish the movie, talked, took MORE pictures, and THE END…. We checked out. We were only home for like 10 minutes then Belle arrived! She stole somebody’s Kelisa! *gasp*

To find out whose, log on to

It will be shocking, it WILL be exciting & IT WILL BE SCANDALOUS.

There goes my advertising skills eh? Lol. Moving on, we went to Queens and randomly decided to watch a movie; The International. It was so lameASS. The ending was completely wtf. I nearly fell asleep half way through it and, as I found out later, so did Mon and Mei! =P

We went to Paddington’s for dinch (it was in between lunch and dinner time. Such a glamorous name =D) and had desserts all the way! WOOOOOHOOOO!

*receives medal for making excellent food choices*

After that we were just spazzing about the mall. Went into Jusco and raced to see who could find tinned palm hearts first. How lame are we? Nobody won cuz there wasn’t any! LOL!

We went home after that embarrassing activity. Well, not right after, but you know. 0=)

Am I squeezing too tight? :O

Then……………………………. Oh yeah! Next day, I went to Pelita to have lunch with Mon and Nabilah! Tis’ been ages since I saw her. Zomg, she is as crazy as ever! That girl is so hilarious and animated. Lol. Ooh, for dessert we went over to Baskin&Robbins.

MonMon, Me and Nabilah

We took eons to choose which flavor we wanted. Lol. I had to leave earlier than expected cuz I needed to get to town and make a new IC. SO ass! The chip wasn’t working and I needed it to open my own bank account. Pfft, all the bureaucracy. Anyway ,at night my dad took me out for dinner at Eden. I had lamb which tasted tender and juicy =D. I was excited to get home cuz Mei texted saying she had something for me. She came by after I returned home and gave me a tiramisu cake! It was so sweet of her... Thanks so much Belle =). BEST TIRAMISU YET! I just spent the rest of the night packing my bags. I didn’t realize there was THAT many things to bring!

On Friday, my last night in Penang, I went to FGA church in Air Hitam cuz was gonna be there and I hadn’t seen her in ages! They had some Revolution thing going on which was pretty cool. The crowd there was so full of energy, really! Mon and Mei came a bit later cuz it was raining, and I quote Mei ,“horses and giraffes”. LOL! Totally funky! I had to say goodbye downstairs =/ Kai got me something and she was so eager to see me opening it! LOL! She got me a mouse shaped cheese grater!!! It’s the cutest thing! I actually saw it before in Parkson’s and was so amused by it, and now I have it! =D Kai, that was an awesome gift, Thank yooooh =D. I hugged everyone and we didn’t want it to be all sad so we started being our spazzy selves. Gosh, I love those retards.

Me & Belle outside

My favourite Munchkin!

Kai with the lil cheese grater. So cute! I have no clue why I'm laughing. O.o

On Saturday morning I loaded everything into my car and we drove off! We were planning to stop in Ipoh to go to Indulgence for lunch. Zomg, we got so lost, driving here and there based on everybody’s WRONG directions. We nearly gave up, can you believe that?! I really wanted to try the food there. I think we finally got there after 40 minutes. Pheewww. Let me tell you, it was TOTALLY worth it!!! The food is TO DIE FOR. DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the décor was great. Little knickknacks around the place made it all cosy. Me and mum started off with their bread. Even that tasted good! Lol. For appetizers we ordered Mushroom Bruschetta and it tasted bloody good. Then we had smoked lamb with cottage cheese jacket potato. It tasted great too, but not the best. Oooh, for mains I had this salad of duck, figs, and feta with a Gooseberry glaze. The combination of the flavours was excellent! My mum had this pasta in creamy zita with quail eggs, baby carrots and frittered blue cheese. MMMMMMMMMMMMM. You just had to savour the whole thing with you eyes closed. Sighhhhh. For dessert we ordered this dark and milk chocolate truffles with pistachio ice cream, avocado gelato and some raspberry sauce. SINFUL DESSERT! I was just so happy eating it, the chocolate was totally silky and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I need to bring everybody to this place! It also doubles as a lil hotel actually, so we can stay for a couple of days eating all their glorious food! =D =D =D

Mushroom Bruschetta =D

Fig Salad


After that heavenly meal, I drove down to KL. Surprisingly, we didn’t get lost trying to find my apartment! Ira and her aunt helped us to carry all the stuff upstairs. Vooosh! We rested for a sec before heading down to Carrefour to shop for food and other random things and only got back at 12! Such a tiring day, seriously. I immediately went to sleep when I got into bed.

On Sunday, my mum was gonna go off. So we had lunch together before sending her to the KTM. It was raining so heavily so it was a quick goodbye which is what she likes. LOL. We’ll be seeing each other in 3 weeks time anyways!

So yeah, I haven’t been up to much since then. Watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging with Ira. Gosh, that show is crazy! Lol. Entertaining though =). Got some eye candy in there too =P.

Today’s been pretty relaxing. I was gonna go to the gym just now but they said it’s not open for some weirdASS reason. So, I improvised! I climbed up to the 26th floor and back down again. Man, I’m so out of shape. Lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to run up within a few months? *crowd whispers: dream onnnn* PPFT!

That's all for now! My past 3 months summed up in about 2000 words. Lol.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Can’t believe we’re already 2 weeks into the new year! I still feel like we’re in 2008. It’s prolly cuz I’m not in school anymore =D. It’s kinda sad that Jan’s not in Penang anymore. On the 13th I went down to KL with her fam. She’d already been there a few days for orientation before heading to the US for 6 months. Anyways, after checking into the hotel (and changing rooms twice -_-) we wanted to go pick up her sister. ZOMG, the roads and signage in KL is so irritating I can bet you a lot of people have popping veins from all the stress of trying to find their way around the frickin place. I think we wasted 2 hours on the road as we were lost and going round in circles. We all know how fun THAT can be! *brings out the party hats* Lol. We picked up Jan from the hotel and went back to ours so she can get ready and stuff. Man, her suitcase was so hugeASS I thought it weighed a ton! So, yeah. The rest of the time, everyone was getting a wee bit stressed about what she should leave behind, what to pack, yada yada. KABOOOM! Me and Nabila tried to be as silent and as discreet as possible to avoid any mental, emotional or physical damage. =P At around 6 something we headed to KLIA in a taxi and we started dancing to random songs. Haha, t’was completely retarded. I think we were the first ones there at the meeting point; Body Shop. After a while, some other AFS people came and Jan’s millions of relatives arrived. Awwh =). WE (Me and nabila) managed to sneak away because we wanted to buy Jan’s favourite Xylitol! We looked for quite awhile actually. WeirdASS airport. Anyways, we planned to give it to her right at the gate/terminal/wtv it’s called =D. We spent the next coupla hours waiting and then spending time with JanJan. It was like 11 o clock when they announced that it was time to go. Gosh, the most dreaded moment for us. I was crying…and so was everyone else! It was really sad saying goodbye to her but at the same time I was so excited for her! 6 months in the US will be such a blast. Lol, now everywhere I go there’s something to remind me of Jan for some reason.

Moving on, we left the next day and just half an hour into the journey on the highway, we saw thick black smoke. I was thinking maybe it was some ass truck polluting away, but when we got closer there was a car on fire! It was pretty scary and we all thought it was gonna explode any minute or something, but of course it didn’t. Plus, the passengers were all standing outside just watching their vehicle blazing away. Yeah, well that was the only shocking thing that happened till I reached Penang.

Hmm, what else has been going on… Err.. I’ve started my driving lessons! Finally drove on the road. Honestly, I was nervous and thought I would crash the car, but surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as it looked. =D Glad about that. LOL. Though, doing the parking/3pointturn/hillstopstart again and again is extremely tedious. I'll be glad when I go for the test. Won't it be funny if I fail? O.o *nervous laughter*

Ooh, yesterday was awesome! I went over to Mon’s. ZOMG, she has EIGHTEEN tubs of Haagen Dazs in her fridge. Insane or what? That’s like even more than what some of the Supermarkets sell, no? Well, me being such a good friend, had to clear some space. Haha! I had Summer Berries and some Macadamia ice cream. It tasted SO good it made me happeh! We were watching Horton Hears A Who at the same time. That movie was funny! There were a lot of WTH moments. Seriously weird. Then we went on to watch Accidental Husband with Uma Thurman, Colin Firth and some dude from Grey’s Anatomy. It looked promising but it turned out to be lame. Just too predictable and…flat? So, we wanted more animated stuff and watched Madagascar 2! Only watched a bit cuz at 1 am, Mon’s mum decided to go to a mall in Prai! Like how random is that? Apparently they had some sale going on. I cannot believe the amount of people that were still wondering round at that time. Even at 3 am, when we finally left, people were still arriving. Crazzzyyyy. We got back and watched Ghost Town. It’s quite a nice movie, but 30 mins into it, we needed to sleep cuz it was around 5 am.

We woke at 9 and went off to OldTown. It was me and Mon’s plan since the beginning of time! I haven’t eaten there before and it was delish! Had toast with pureed strawberries and Mon's urry Mee was yum too! After I get my license I'll go there everyday with Mon. Exhaust the menu 0:D

Now, I’m sitting in my Dad’s apartment. Just had so much raw salmon. I could eat that everyday… SIIIGGHHHH.

Well, I'm off! My Watermelon Juice awaits!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cruncheh, Crayzeh, Blotteh

VOOOOSHHH! SPM is finally over! Though, I felt it never really had a beginning or an end. Just a mass of middleness, if that makes any sense. LOL. Basically just f l o a t e d through it. Didn't feel like a major exam. WHYYY? Okay, Imma shuddup now. Who cares about how I felt. IT'S OVER, BABY! When it ended, Me and the spazzes (Jan, Mon, Kai and Mei) checked into Bayview and went jet ski-ing! T'was awesome after so long waiting for the day. SIGHHH. and of course we did bump into a couple of "celebrities". Saw a typical hot guy (whom Mon and Mei were stalking. Jeez =P), Jason Mraz (he just wore those Jason-ish sunnies =D), Robert De Niro, Borat and some hairy dude (how's he a celebrity? Reminded us of KingKong. LOLCATS)

After swimming around and laughing a hell load (Me and Kai were hurting from it! All because of Jan acting like a retard. HAHA), we got ready and went out for dinner at Mario's. ZOMG, the food there was AMAYYYYZINNNGG. Had Risotto, Pasta Pesto, Mustard Chicken and Pizza. Yummmxxorzz. Though the manager/waitress/whatever-post-she's-supposed-to-hold woman, who I totally despise for being totally unprofessional and a total ASS, was pestering us to buy a round of drinks so that we can "relax and have fun cuz we just finished our SPM". Jeez, totally slappable, really! Kai was so pissed (for like a minute. Ooh).

Anyways, after indulging in all that yummyness, the rain had stopped! So we walked along the Batu market, looking at random objects. I Didn't buy anything tho. The rest of them did. Around 11 we took a taxi back to the room. Well not exactly. As if the taxi crashed through the whole hotel trying to get to our room door. HAHAHA! =P

We ate so much! Jan brought chocolatey cake which i LoveLoveLOVE, Apricot cream cheese and peanut butter with Ritz, Tiger biscuits (lol), some cookies I baked, andddd YAKULT! That's all i can remember. We ate, talked, ate, spazzed, ate,took pics, ate....and MORE EATING. Maybe exaggerating a wee bit. But at 5 in the morning, we finally stopped and went to sleep. 3 hours later, we were up! Went down for brekkies, then for a swim. But Kai had to leave early cuz she was going to KL -_- My momma picked us up at 12 sumtin and dropped us at Gurney. We watched Twilight, which I'm not so impressed by. That Edward was a total creep. Such a RAPIST! Okay, not such a good adjective, but there's just no other way of describing his ...constipated expression throughout the whole movie. His acting bombed. Kristen Stewart was really good though. Anyways, when we got home at night, Jan, Mon and I were totally zonked.

Next day, Shera came and I cooked Linguini Aglio e Olio and made chocolate mousse for her. WE watched Pretty Persuasion which was REALLY twisted, but I enjoyed it. Evan Rachel wood was just so good in it. Later, in the evening, we went down to Uplands to watch the Cinderella pantomime. It was hilarious! Carene, who played Cinderella was aweshum! I've never seen her acting before though. I'm proud of her! And the dude who played the ugleh step sister was SOOO FUNNNY! I could watch it all over again really. Lol.

On Saturday I went down to KL cuz I wanted to go for Taylor's College Open Day. So, Yas picked me up and I hung out at her place. We were just catching up on everything throughout the trip =]. At Taylor's, I went for the talk by Chef In Black, Emmanuel Stroobant. He was really funny! His talk was SO interesting. I could listen to him go on for hours actually. Too bad it was only for an hour or so. I learnt so much about the Culinary World from him =D. We then went to KLCC for lunch. ZOMG, a Godiva shop opened there, and I just HAD to buy some chocolates. It was DO OR DIE. Lol, okay, maybe not but still!

Next morning I was on the bus back to Penang. Oh, the bus driver was so ASS! He put the air cond on full blast and I was practically slowly entering the Ice Age in there. Jeez. Good thing I brought About A Boy along to read (it's a really good book btw) and me iPod. Stupid story: I only had five songs on it. WTF, I later found out it was cuz i ejected it fromt he comp too early and only 5 songs were synced or wtv. Blehhhh =/.

Moving on, back in Penang I just hung out with me momma. After dinner, I went to Queens and met up with Jan, Mei, Naz and a couple of his friends. It was actually a really random meet up but I was so happy to see them again! Just went to Tgi's for some drinks.

YEAP! So today is the day that I finally settled down at home since the exams. Lol, as if my life is so hectic huh? Tomorrow I'll be hanging out with Mon and Mei. Gonna watch Quantum of Solace! I don't care about whether it sucks or not, I need to watch it! Lol. I'll actually be getting up at 7 sumtin and it's already 2am now, yet I'm still here. Woooooooooh.

Alrighteyyyy, I be leaving now.
Until next time kids! *acts like Barney waving his stupid chunk of a hand with his creepyASS voice*


CuppityCake and I

Starrie and her Cheee


The ugleh step sister wearing a bra. LOL!

Emmanuel Stroobant =)

Me & YasYas